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Building off of our previous conversations at UN Week, Opportunity Collaboration, and Nexus - we have honed in on the importance of serving children 0-13 who have been impacted by forced displacement.  From the human made challenges like the war in Syria and the conflict in Myanmar to natural disasters like the fires in Los Angeles & Napa, Hurricanes in Puerto Rico, Haiti, and Barbuda, and earthquakes in Mexico, Papa New Guinea, and Iran.  

Nearly 50 million children around the world have been driven from their homes by conflict or migrated across borders, according to a major new report.

For far too many refugee and migrant children,
legal, procedural, financial, cultural and social barriers keep children from accessing services. For example:
• Refugee children are five times more likely to be out of school than other children
• Only 50 per cent of refugee children are enrolled in primary school
• Less than 25 per cent of refugee youth are enrolled in secondary school
— Unicef Beyond Borders Report


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