Advisory Board

Below, our advisory board members answer the following question: 
Why do you believe delivering quality education is important? 


Christine L. Mendonça, 
CEO & Co-Founder,
Humans on the Move

"Education is a catalyst for creativity and critical thinking, which helps every person, but especially children who are uprooted, see the world beyond their own, fostering opportunities and opening doors they may have never known existed."


Sherry sacino.png

sherry sacino, 
CEO, Youth Empowerment Alliance, Inc.

"We need to give all children everywhere a solid start at life by providing a well-rounded and relevant education. We need to support education that allows a child to explore new ideas while finding their own place in the world. If we can do this, we have provided a huge service to humanity and each other."


Co-Founder Third Sector Capital and
Senior Advisor to the world Bank

"Education is the foundation for everything."





Nikki Brueggeman
Education Program Officer, World Affairs Council

"It all begins with education. If you want sustainable energy, education is the key. If you want women leaders, education is the key. If you want a country that leads, education is crucial. Education is where we should be were we invest first and always critically examine."


tami kesselman,
chief strategist,
aligned investing global

"Education has the potential to enable recipients to soar to heights previously only attainable for the most privileged among us. For so many, it is the one path that can permanently improve their future. It breaks cycles of dependence and breeds independent minds that can envision —and become — a future better for us all. "


Avary Kent,
executive director,

"When we teach children how to learn, and to love the process of learning, we embolden the next generation with the courage and creativity to create a future where all people can thrive."


topher wilkins,
Opportunity Collaboration

"In my days as a teacher, I saw first-hand the power education holds to transform individuals’ lives…to transform society.  As Nelson Mandela once said, ‘Education in the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.'"

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Hannah Darnton,
Program manager of ethics, technology, and human rights,

"Access to education and economic opportunity are at the heart of individual and community resilience. In a world where forced migration is becoming increasingly commonplace, we need to continue to encourage the creation of innovative, flexible, and culturally-relevant education for people on the move."